On Almabase you could create an email group either by defining a segment using certain filters on data studio or picking specific profiles from directory. But if you pull a list from your database or just have a spreadsheet with email IDs, you wouldn’t be able to send them an email using Almabase. Until now!

We’re introducing a new functionality to upload email lists and send them emails.

Click on Create Group” on your communication center and see how this works.

It’s important to note that this list need not be limited to email IDs that are already on Almabase. You can upload any list that you have and the system will take care of sending email to all of them.

Here are some interesting ways you can use this:

  1. Pull a list of all non donors from last year and send them an email about other ways to give back
  2. Upload a list of all your volunteers and send them an email about upcoming opportunities.
  3. Get a list of all members of a certain chapter and send them an email about a local event.

The possibilities are endless. To learn more about how you can use this feature click here.


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