Have you faced challenges in making your Alumni open your emails?

Here are a few interesting learnings we can take from the World of Marketing, who also experience a similar challenge though in a different context.

 1.Resend the email with a new subjecting the Subject line 

Only to Alumni who didn’t open the mail the first time, one can resend the same mail with a small change in the subject line after a few days. And if time permits one can do a quick edit of the content inside the mail or in the formatting of the content.

It has been observed in an experiment that resending the same mail with edits in subject line could increase the number of people who read your email by 54.7 percent.

 2. Optimise the time at which you send the emails

There are a lot of emails that get landed in your Alumni’s Inbox. One of the best ways to attract their attention is by making sure that your email lands in your Alumni’s inbox when they’re looking at it. 

Timing is everything and while you can argue that the second email serves as a reminder, scheduling your emails your emails to be sent at a time you know they will be reading it is just as efficient.

Schedule your emails to deliver for the timings when Alumni actively check their inbox. Monitoring delivery times closely will help, so test different delivery times for your next few email, then select time slots that consistently lead to higher open rates.  

3.Understanding & Segmenting your lists better

For those Alumni lacking engagement completely, sometimes a better strategy would be to halt pursuing their addresses for a period of time and following up with relevant, wanted content.

One can segment the email lists for example by Generations or Year of graduation and make the content relevant and interesting to these groups respectively.In fact, research from MailChimp reveals that segmented campaigns have a 13.07 percent higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns.

Hope these small improvements help you in reaching out to more of your constituents.

We would surely like to hear, if any other ideas have worked for you, that could be shared with wider alumni relations community.

Happy Emailing!

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