Most of our partner schools have an external database that is used by the advancement office as their source of truth for constituent data. To ensure that you are able to make best use of the latest alumni information from Almabase we provide integrations and reports that help you sync your database.

There is one confusion that we’ve heard very often How do I know which of these is more recent?”. In order to solve that confusion we’re introducing a new feature called Profile History.

Profile History gives you a timeline of all the updates that have happened on every profile/record. Every field on the profile is tracked and presented as a timeline for you.

Using Profile History you will be able to understand what information changed, who changed it, when they did that, and how it was changed. For example, if a user updated his email ID by editing their profile, or if Almabase found updated employment information from LinkedIn, or if a profile was merged with a duplicate, etc.

To try this feature just head over to any profile that was recently updated and click on the History” tab. We’re excited to hear how each of you use this feature. Feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions at all. 

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