A key challenge while maintaining constituent information (on Almabase or on your database) is duplicate records of the same person. Duplicate records could pop up for various reasons and it’s important to have an easy and predictable way to fix those. We’ve made multiple enhancements to this feature. 

Predictable merge process

We understood from your feedback that the current merge process on Almabase was very unpredictable because you couldn’t be sure what information is being used and what isn’t. We’ve introduced a new review screen where you can review and decide what information to keep and what to ignore while merging. 

The review screen provides you complete visibility into what information is being merged

Segregating registered users and other profiles

Most duplicates are created when users sign up with a different email ID and the system can’t detect that it’s the same person. Since merging these duplicates is the highest priority, we’ve created a section where you can access all such pairs first. From your admin dashboard, go to Users” > Duplicates” to check this out. 

Duplicates page

You can also swap which record to keep and which to remove on this page. 

Enhanced confidence score

We improved the algorithm being used to compute the confidence score associated with each pair. There were a few key factors that weren’t given enough weight on the earlier algorithm which has been fixed now. You’ll notice that the confidence score is a much better reflection of two records being potential duplicates now. 

All of these enhancements are already live on your almabase platform. Go ahead and give it a shot now!

We’re always looking to make your processes simpler and this is yet another step in that direction. Let us know if you face any challenges with duplicate records and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Pro tip: You can also find a duplicate record from an individual person’s profile page using the Merge Profiles” button. Visit any profile from the directory to try it out. 

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