Many schools and universities have found the Giving Day event to be a great approach to finding new donors and achieving their annual fundraising goals.For some schools, Giving Days seem to be working magically. Have you ever wondered why? 

In our efforts to help and guide schools to plan and conduct their Giving Days successfully, we have written two e-books as part of Giving Day series.
Few of the questions we attempt to answer in these books.
  • Why Giving Days are Important?
  • How to set an Optimal Goal?
  • Why choosing a theme and a date are critical?
  • What all resources are needed to Plan a Giving Day?
  • What key features to look for in your Online Infrastructure for a Giving Day?
  • How to Market your Giving Day?
We hope that your Giving Day works remarkably well for your school’s goals too and that these e-books will help you develop a successful strategy that makes giving exciting for both your team and your donors. 
Grab your free copy by reaching out to, today!

Make it Big! We wish you every success on your next Giving Day.

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