The clock is ticking, the time you have on hand to plan for the Giving Tuesday is sliding by.

To make the most of your Giving Tuesday here is our checklist

Once your team has decided to conduct a Giving Day make sure your team acts on the following

Plan well and ahead:

  • Put together quickly your core team and have regular meetings to plan and track the execution
  • Determine goals, structure and target audience
  • Create a plan for execution ( Responsibilities, timelines etc)
  • Decide on a budget
  • Identify and begin to solicit prospective match funders and other sponsors


  • Build a compelling theme brings character and meaning to a Giving Day. Donors should be able to connect, feel attracted and be motivated to donate with the theme you decide for your Giving Day
  • Build all of your communication collaterals about the Giving Day around it
  • Create a unique Hashtag that can assist in spreading the word about your Giving Day further and faster.

Mobilise your ambassadors:

  • Bring your ambassadors onboard to take ownership and who can reach out to their networks to share the buzz and help you share your team’s responsibilities to make your Giving Day successful
  • Solicit personal appeals from influential people of your School like Teachers, Sports Coaches, Famous Alumni, Board Member further inspiring the donors to donate
  • Reach out to ambassadors with high social media influence ahead of time to seek help in spreading the word.
  • Spread the word extensively with the Board members, Batch Representatives, Chapter admins, Staff etc

Optimal online Infrastructure:

  • Be mobile compatible, to give the donors the comfort to donate from their mobiles.
  • Enable the Peer-to-peer solicitation for your donors to reach out to their network.
  • Make the most fundamental aspect Giving” very smooth and easy.
  • Enable to display challenges and leaderboards to engage & encourage more participation.
  • Display all the critical data for an Admin at one place & in the most effective way that lead to taking actions.

Leverage Social Media Marketing:

  • Create a communication plan and calendar
  • Build Social Media Toolkit should be built that helps your team and your ambassadors to promote your campaign on Social Media. 
  • Keep ready all forms of posts and messaging ready in the requisite formats for each type of your social media channels like 50 % milestone achieved mail
  • Create a unique Hashtag which is the most popular means of categorizing content on social media. It is a great way to see all your social media activity around the Giving Day campaign at one place.

Giving Tuesday is just the beginning and it has become a movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy with events throughout the year.

We wish your team make it BIG and make the best of this Giving Tuesday.

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