With the new events admin interface and the ability to accept donations with event registrations, we’ve introduced flexibility to support all kinds of events that your office hosts. Over the last few weeks, we’ve understood that guests are a very important part of every event and we didn’t have a great way to let them register quickly for an event. Until now, anybody who wanted to register to an event had to create an account on the platform and we understand that’s not always what the users want to do. 

Introducing Guest Event Registrations.

For every event, you can now choose to allow guest registrations from your admin interface. 

If you enable this, users will now be able to just fill in their details like name, email ID, phone number, affiliation and class year and register to the event immediately without actually signing up for an account on the website.

During this process, users will be encouraged to sign in to their account if they already have one but are not forced to. Everything else works as it does now emailing all event attendees at once, exporting event attendees list, etc. Every associated functionality includes these guest registrations. 

Whether it is for community members to sign up to an event, or for a donor to show interest in an event without worrying about signing up on the platform, this enhancement will now let you accept those registrations. This enhancement is obviously optional for every event. We recommend that you use this in cases where the intended audience for the event is beyond just the audience for the platform. 

Please keep your feedback coming in and we’ll keep making the platform better for you.

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