Giving Days seem to be working magically for some schools. Have you ever wondered why? We shall answer the fundamentals of the “what” and “why” of a Giving Day.

On every calendar, there are special days, or holidays, dedicated for different purposes or activities. For example, most calendars automatically include holidays like Independence Day, Mother’s day and Halloween.

A giving day could be made to be one such special day on your school’s event calendar, dedicated to fundraising and known to your constituents as a special day for your school.

A Giving Day is a powerful online fundraising campaign conducted for 24 hours with the purpose of raising money and finding new donors.

The key elements of a Giving Day are:

  • A 24-hour event: A giving day is mainly driven by the idea that lasts for only 24 hours.
  • Completely technology-driven: Effectively leveraging technology and social media is integral to the giving day campaign.
  • Peer-to-peer solicitation: Giving Days encourage and empower your constituents to spread the word on behalf of the school.
  • Needs-focused effort: With a constraint on time and a big goal to achieve, this day demands focused efforts from your entire team, from sta and board members to your volunteers.
  • More funds are raised: A primary goal for any giving day is raising a substantial amount of funds in short span of time.
  • New donors are acquired: In addition to raising funds, giving days also help in acquiring new donors.

However, why are Giving Days so Important to Schools or Universities?

A well planned Giving Day can lead to achieving fundraising goals, acquiring new donors, instilling the culture of giving in your constituents and much more, by transforming the experience of giving.

The most immediate benefits that a school stands to gain by conducting a giving day are

Boosts annual fundraising: Schools that have well-planned GivingDays have a significantly higher probability of meeting their annual fundraising goals.

Instills a culture of philanthropy: A small gift made on a giving day has the potential to become a larger gift in the future. Giving Days can often mark a beginning in philanthropic donations for some constituents. It instills in these first-time donors a sense of the necessity of giving back to their Alma maters and a feeling of pride in remaining a vital part of the success of their institutions.

Has an instant and greater reach: As Giving Days leverage the latest technology, schools are able to use fewer resources and still reach larger audiences.

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