The Almabase events module is meant to be the central place for you to get all information related to the event in one place. As an admin, you can pull a report of all the attendees or send an email to all of them at once, and much more. However, we realized that many of you were not getting all of your registrations on the Almabase platform. A couple of registrations would always come in via phone or mail and they were typically being maintained in separate spreadsheets. 

We realized how cumbersome this is for you and have now introduced an ability for you to add such registrations from the backend. Once you do, it is just as good as that user registering for the event by themselves. 

You can Add an Attendee” by clicking on that button from your admin interface.

Then just follow the instructions to pick the profile, the event, any payment instructions etc and save. As simple as that!

Pro Tip

If the person who you want to add is not on your database yet so you don’t have a profile on the Almabase directory for that person, then you cannot use the above process since you cannot pick the profile. In this case, the recommended process is to open your event page on a new browser or incognito mode” where you are not logged in to the website. Then just register as a guest with their details. This would then create their registration as a guest user but you would have them among the attendees. 

We hope you find this addition useful to have all your event registration details in one centralized place rather than many different spreadsheets.

Please do let us know what you think. 

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