We know how much you value your alumni and to engage them is one of your important goals as an alumni relations professional. You are not getting full value for all your efforts of bringing users back to the platform because as per industry average about 50 – 60% drop off on the login page without even accessing the portal. This happens either because they forgot the password or they don’t remember which social account they signed up with.

“ Around 50-60% visitors drop off on the login page  without even accessing the portal ”

We at Almabase have resolved to tackle this problem with Easy Login, a way to automatically allow the users to login without any hassle of entering the passwords or remembering their mode of signup. They will directly go to the desired page on the alumni site. 
Once Easy Login is enabled for you, every email that you send to your alumni containing links to any page on the platform, will detect the user signup mode, authenticate and automatically log in. This is possible because most of the users use secure personal machines and operate on a single browser. Usually they are also logged into their social account, otherwise, we will redirect them to the authorization page. If they are signed up using email, they will be prompted to only enter the password while the email id is pre-filled.

Redirection page notifying the course of action

When user accessing Easy Login link and is signed up using Facebook or Linkedin :
When user accessing Easy Login link is signed up using Email Account
You must be wondering, what if the email is forwarded by mistake or intentionally? No information is leaked to any other person accessing the links on the email. Since Facebook and LinkedIn email ids won’t match with original user information, they wouldn’t be able to access the site. They would be required to signup on the platform as new users.
When the user forwards the email containing Easy Login link to another user
So far, we see that the number of users who went on to access the platform has grown by over 42% after enabling Easy Login for few of our partner schools.
Do let us know what you think. Thank you.
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