Since the launch of data studio in 2017 it has become one of the most used features on Almabase. It is the one stop place for you as admins to work with your most up-to-date alumni data. It makes it incredibly simple for you to segment your alumni based on any data point that you have on them, export this information, send them an email or perform any other action on those records.

We’ve received a lot of feedback from all of you regarding functions that have worked well on data studio and the functions that needed improvement. Considering all of that feedback we’ve made several key upgrades to data studio.
Here are some of the key changes:

Filter alumni based on proximity
Let’s say you’re organizing an event in Boston and want to invite everyone in the 50 mile radius to that event, how would you invite all of them? Earlier, you used to have to find all those cities and enter them manually into the city filter. Now you can start with a city or even a zip code and then choose a radius around it.

Data studio will then show you all the alumni that live in that entire area. You can then create an email group and you’re all set! And as always, if an alum moves into the area they are automatically added to that group. Look for the AREA” filter on your data studio. 

Integrated into the rest of the platform
We’ve made it easier for you to take single click actions from various features of the platform. You will be taken to data studio with the appropriate data and actions loaded for you to confirm. For example, if you are on directory and want to pull a list of everyone you’re currently seeing, you can now do that with one click.


Birthdays and other new filters
Birthdays are a great occasion for you to engage with your alumni and we’ve introduced a filter to make it easier for you to keep track of upcoming birthdays. Using the data studio birthday filter you can now see which alumni are celebrating birthdays today, this week or even this month.


User interface refresh
Last but not least, we’ve done a complete design refresh to make the data studio more user friendly and also respond to user actions much faster. You will notice a visible difference in the speed while working on data studio.

We hope you enjoy this new experience. Please do keep your feedback coming in as always. 
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