We are excited to share the Almabase Hall of Fame for  ” Adoption of Technology” to Nicholls University.

They have embraced the technology & transformed the entire way of approaching their Alumni Relations.

Very few Schools understand the fact that the World of Alumni has changed significantly and it has been majorly due to Technology. Nicholls University has been quick to identify it & has adopted the same to stay relevant to their Alumni.

Through this Blog, we would like to showcase a few of their milestones & best practices

  1. Bidding “Goodbye” to paper forms and saying “Hello” to online registration with Almabase: In the last semester, they have bid Goodbye to the offline way of capturing data of their graduating student and moved to online registrations using Almabase Platform. With just a few hours of efforts, Nicholls University Alumni Relations team could accurately & with much ease captured the data of around 300 of their graduating students.
  2. Active Usage of Digital directory through which they have sent at least 300 plus one-one emails
  3. $11435 ticket amount was raised through events & ticket management system
  4. Driving traffic from social media to alumni platform through creative strategies like Alumni Spotlight, Throwback Thursdays

We wish the Nicholls team a great success further in this journey to reach out to more of their Alumni & to keep them engaged using Technology

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